Do you want to get paid partners and collaborations?

As a creator, you know how difficult it is to find paid partners and collaborations.

We help you get paid partners and collaborations.

Bagfluence has the largest creator’s network in the industry. We make it easy for you to find new audiences, connect with other creators, brands, and get paid gigsā€”all in one place.

You’ll also get updates on film and TV casting directly to your inbox, so you can act fast on those opportunities as well! (Just in case you wanna ACT too…)

And best of all? There are no charges (it’s free!).

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About Registration

Is their any Registration Fee?

No, we never charge a single penny.

What is this Registration about?

This is for the influencers/creators who want to join our influencer network, we need certain information about them to be able to keep a record and help them with the right collaboration.

Do I need to link any confidential information?

No, we don’t require any such information.

What is the process of registration?

You simply have to fill the registration form correctly. Click here to fill the form.

Is there any eligibility criteria to join as an influencer?

Yes to deliver the best to the associated brands we have strict internal guidelines on the same, once you have filled in the form the concerned team goes through all the information you have provided to check the eligibility on various parameters.

What type of Collaboration do you provide?

We provide them all be it a Paid, free, or Barter Collaboration. The Final Decision always left to the creator.

Can i apply as a Model or Actor?

Yes, you can.

Being a Unit of Media Production House we work with a large group of Actors and Models providing them casting opportunities in Film, TVCs , Ad Shoots, Print Shoots, etc.

How will i get paid?

In most cases, you’ll be paid at the end of the campaign through bank transfer.

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